2006 Wider Community Events

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14 November: 'The Chemistry of a Saturday Night' - Fusion Lecture

Around 220 undergraduates, postgraduates and academic staff enjoyed Keele University's Graeme Jones' 18-certificate lecture demonstration. Resplendent in his John Travolta disco gear, Graeme considered all the chemistry involved in a good night out. This ranged from the correct choice of music (with 'chemistry' in the lyrics), through pheromones, the similarity in the blue colour of a blue WKD alchopop with that in a loo cleaner, to fluorescence. The finale was a dance lesson for the entire audience - complete with light sticks, based on the vibrations and stretching modes of bonds in hydrocarbon molecules!

The lecture was sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry and Bristol ChemLabS with Fusion providing suitable after-lecture refreshments.

06 November: Lecture Demonstration for Local Scouts and Cub Groups

A packed evening lecture for over 320 Scouts and Cubs from the Avon County area visited the School of Chemistry for a Lecture entitled "Chemistry of the Atmosphere".

The lecture, put on by Dudley Shallcross, Tim Harrison and Steve Croker, told the story of the composition of the atmosphere and of some of the chemical pollutants to be found there. The talk was punctuated by practical demonstrations involving liquid nitrogen, dry ice and a few explosions.

This event was held to promote science for young people. Donations from the evening are going towards supporting those representing Avon County at the World Jamboree 2007.

05 October: EMI Science and Engineering Society, Wells, Somerset

Dudley Shallcross presented a follow on talk on climate change and its implications to this group.

Bad Air Day

Bad Air Day by Dudley Shallcross©
This image is from a computer model calculation showing the build up of the ozone hole (red) over Antarctica. If the ozone layer is removed all life on Earth will be put at risk and would indeed be a bad (h)air day.

08 September: BA’s Festival of Science Lecture ‘The Chemistry of the Atmosphere’

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08–14 July: VIP Summer School

The School of chemistry once more joined forces with Physics to run a summer school for visually impaired students. The title for this year’s event was ‘All at Sea’. The course involved a mixture of practical work, lectures, discussions and visits.

VIP Summer School 2006


17–18 March: Science Alive

Science Alive 06

‘Science Alive’ was again held in Broadmead Galleries Shopping Centre. The event is part of the University's contribution to National Science Week - an annual event arranged by the British Association for the Advancement of Science to increase PUBLIC engagement with the subject.

School of Chemistry postgraduate students Dane Comerford, Becky Sage, Claire Galvani, Dem Jardel, Julie Pearce, Nicky Elliott, Nick Walker and Phyllis Fiadzomor explained some of the chemical physics work we do here at the university. This involved linking basic concepts of structure through some simple demonstrations and experiments with slime to synthetic diamond production. For details click here.

The British association for the Advancement of science organises National Science Week with the intention of having a lot of fun with science and putting across a very positive image of scientists.

01 & 02 March: Chemistry for the Non-Specialist at Science Learning Centre South West

04 February: Perfume Chemistry Workshop for Undergraduates

Undergraduates taking part in the Perfume Workshop

In an unusual outreach activity, a Perfume Chemistry workshop was held for undergraduate students from the School of Chemistry.
Perfumer John Stephen of the Cotswold Perfumery explained the fundamentals of the perfume industry, the chemistry behind perfume composition and how perfumes work. The students composed their own unique perfumes which were then put into professional packaging.

This event follows on from workshops held for local sixth form students and was held at the request of the undergraduates. Thanks go to Fusion representative Jemima Howells who assisted with organising the day. She commented: “Everyone had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed making their perfumes”.

The course was partly subsidised through Bristol ChemLabS and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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