2007 Wider Community Events

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19 December: Singapore International Chemistry Conference 5

Dudley Shallcross was invited as a Keynote Speaker at the Chemical Education Workshop of Singapore International Chemistry Conference 5 (SICC-5), where he gave a talk entitled 'University-School Partnerships, a Win-Win Situation?'. The wide ranging talk featured many of the good outreach practices undertaken by Bristol ChemLabS.

30 November, 03 & 06 December: Student Teacher Bonding Workshops

Bristol ChemLabS worked with 3 groups of PGCE Science students at the Science Learning Centre. The work covered GCSE Bonding and involved practical work that can be used to support this and other areas of chemistry teaching.

14 November: Science Communicators Tour and Talk 

Bristol ChemLabS played host to a dozen science communicators from all over the UK who were attending a course at At-Bristol. Tim Harrison gave a talk on outreach provision, SEA Dane Comerford gave a presentation on the DLM and David Prabhu of the AIMS CETL gave them the opportunity to look around the Mobile Teaching Unit.

12 November: Scouts Meet Science

Over 500 youth members of Avon County Scouts attended an evening of science at Bristol ChemLabS. Two sessions were held; ‘Some Astonishing Reactions’ was given by Dr Chris Wormald to younger members and ‘A Pollutant’s Tale’ was performed by the double act of Professor Dudley Shallcross and Mr Tim Harrison. 

A Pollutant's Tale props

Postgraduate Chemist and member of the Scouts Marcus Medley was the organizer of this event.

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09 November: 77th Bristol Scout Group, Whiteladies Road

The science experiments evening was designed to give local beavers, cubs and scouts a chance to experience practical science first hand. The Beavers completed an experiment involving slime. Cubs and Scouts did a series of three experiments including an investigation of acid strength, the Iodine Clock experiment  and cross-linking in Slime.

For cubs it will go partway to completing their scientist activity badge.

For scouts it was part of this terms theme of conservation and role of science/chemistry in that, and will go towards their global conservation activity badge.

The postgraduate Chemists who delivereded the workshop were Becky Sage, Tom Thomas, Andy Evitt, Phyllis Fiadzomor and organiser Marcus Medley.

07 November: Mature Students' Open Afternoon

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10–15 July: VIP Summer School

This 3rd Summer School for visually impaired people was on the theme of Engineering and Materials.

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02 July: Medicine and Science Open Day

06 June: Cheltenham Science Festival

23 April: Atmospheric Chemistry Lecture, Thornbury Arts Festival 2007

Dudley Shallcross and Tim Harrison presented a performance of 'A Pollutant's Tale' to an audience of 75 members of the public. A lively question and answer session followed the lecture. The event was held at the Castle School, Thornbury, South Gloucestershire.

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