Wider Community Events 2009

14 December: Outreach Workshop, National University of Malaysia (UKM), Kuala Lumpur

Professor Nick Norman and Tim Harrison presented a morning workshop on schools outreach to around 30 members of the Faculty of Science and Technology and to members of the Education Department at UKM.

14 November: ASE West of England Region Meeting, University of Bath

Tim Harrison and Alison Rivett presented 'The Science of Perfume Workshop' to 14 delegates as part of the Saturday meeting entitled 'Evolving and Revolving'. The session introduced an everyday application of chemistry. It showed how perfume can be used in teaching topics like solutions, 'mixing and dissolving' and molecular structure. Links to the biological aspects of smell and taste were also covered. The participants' sense of smell was also tested.

17 October: Irish Teachers Conference, Limerick, Ireland

Bristol ChemLabS worked with Learning Science to deliver talks and workshops for the national conference 'Preparing for the future: the importance of CPD for the chemistry teacher'.
photo of Tim at the Mobilim conference

08 October: Bozok University, Yozgat, Turkey

Tim Harrison gave a performance of 'A Pollutant's Tale' in English and translated into Turkish to an audience of 90 undergraduate chemists and physicists at the Chemistry Department of this new university in central Turkey.

06-07 October: Mobilim Conference, Yozgat, Turkey

Tim Harrison gave a series of lectures and talks at the Mobilim project conference for 200 science teachers in central Turkey attended by the mayor and the university rector.

Tim talked about Bristol ChemLabS outreach and its use of a mobile laboratory (the Mobile Teaching Unit) it shares with AIMS as well as the role and organisation of Science Learning Centres. He also took part in a multi-country panel on school science education. Day 1 was concluded with a performance of the lecture-demonstration 'A Pollutant's Tale', which was enjoyed by all.

The conference was widely reported by nine newspapers and on national television.

04 September: James Cook University, Queensland, Australia

Tim Harrison presented a talk to the Chemistry Department on the Dynamic Laboratory Manual and other Bristol ChemLabS-related projects at the Townsville campus.

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20 August: Centre for the Public Awareness of Science, The Australian National University

Tim Harrison gave a presentation on Bristol ChemLabS Outreach to an audience of postgraduates and science lecturing staff at the prestigious Canberra-based university.

21 July: Odyssians Camp, Woodlarks Campsite, Farnham

A team from Bristol ChemLabS spent the day working with 60 disabled adults and helpers attending the Odyssians Camp, which had a 'back to school' theme. Everyone enjoyed the morning chemistry lecture 'Gases in the Air' by Dudley Shallcross and Marcus Medley. The afternoon saw four groups of campers take part in two practical activities lead by Marcus and Preeti Kaur. In these workshops they investigated “how to make slime” and “a chemical clock”.

A participant said: "The chemistry session was a highlight of the week, something to be remembered for a long time. The presentation was done in a fun and informative manner, with the practical experiments showing that chemistry can be fun as well as educational. Wish chemistry had been more like his when I was at school."

04 July: Science for Scouts Morning

Local scouts worked in the undergraduate teaching labs with research chemists on practical science. This was followed by a lecture-demonstration.

24 June: ChemLabS afternoon for non-chemist School of Chemistry staff

photo of School of Chemistry admin staff in the lab

Ten members of support staff from the School of Chemistry thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon working in the undergraduate labs. They spent the afternoon expertly extracting caffeine from tea leaves, before enjoying a well earned cup of tea.

More photos of the day

06 June: 'A Pollutant's Tale', Cheltenham Science Festival, Gloucs.

07 May: Science and Engineering Ambassador (SEA) Training

Any postgraduates interested in assisting with school outreach work have to attend one of these training courses. This is organised in partnership with STEMWorks.

Information about the Science and Engineering Ambassador (SEA) programme


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27 April: Climate Change, Teacher Training Program, University of Malta

Dudley Shallcross and Tim Harrison gave a two hour session on climate change, including a version of 'A Pollutant's Tale' to over 60 undergraduates studying teacher training or for a degree in one of the sciences and their university lecturers.

23 April: Demonstration of Chemistry Experiments, Open Evening for Local Teachers, Bristol University

Tim Harrison demonstrated a number of experiments to teachers attending the open evening at the Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol.

31 March: Teachers Meeting, Education Department, Rhodes University, South Africa

Dudley Shallcross and Tim Harrison provided a mixed session of talks, teacher training and a demonstration to an audience of 30 trainee teachers, teachers and postgraduate chemists. Tim Harrison presented 'Extemophile Chemistry' as an example of a postgraduate lecturette. This was followed by a lecture on aspects of climate change and the technologies available to combat it presented by Dudley Shallcross. The session was completed by a demonstration of the Dynamic Lab Manual (DLM) and AS chemistry LabSkills.

23 March: Bristol ChemLabS Outreach and DLM Presentations, Cape Town University

Tim Harrison gave a presentation on aspects of Bristol ChemLabS' outreach programme and teaching support to representatives from the University of Cape Town, the University of the Western Cape, the University of Stellenbosch and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Departments represented included Chemistry, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Engineering and the Built Environment, Chemical Engineering and Schools Development (Maths and Science Education in the Schools).

17 March: Triple Science Network Project Dissemination Event, London

Tim Harrison presented a 30-minute case study of how secondary schools can engage with science departments in universities to develop aspiration-raising workshops for secondary school students. Around 40 network leaders of Triple Science Network projects were present.

10 March: "Inreach"–'The Chemistry of Fireworks', School of Chemistry

The School of Chemistry's largest lecture theatre was filled to capacity for the lecture on Firework Chemistry given by Jackie Arkavan (Cranfield), ably assisted by her husband Shari. The 330+ undergraduate, postgraduates, staff and a few children enjoyed the lecture.

This lecture was cosponsored by the Bristol and District Branch of the Royal Society of Chemistry and ChemLabS Outreach.

photo of Tim Harrison and students in Valencia

03 March: Science Teaching Seminar, University of Valencia, Spain

Tim Harrison was invited to attend a group interview on all aspects of science outreach teaching by a class of third year undergraduates whose course involves science pedagogy. The class, with their lecturer, Dr Pou-Amérigo Rosendo, undertook the session in English which added and extra learning dimension. The resulting exchange was filmed and is now to be converted into an article in a local journal by the students.

02 March: Science Teaching Class, University of Valencia, Spain

Tim Harrison was invited to be interviewed by a class of third year undergraduates from the Faculty of Science at the University of Valencia. The students, most of whom are considering becoming teachers, asked searching questions on all aspects of teaching and the role of the School Teacher Fellow. The resulting session was recorded and will form part of a publication.

27 January: Science and Engineering Ambassador (SEA) Training for Postgraduates

The latest SEA training course was held in the afternoon of 27 January in the School of Chemistry. This session was open to current postgraduates within the University of Bristol. This course is required for all Postgraduate students working on outreach through Bristol ChemLabS.

Further information on the SEAs Programme

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