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Bristol ChemLabS (Bristol Chemical Laboratory Sciences) is a Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning which was established in 2005 following an award from HEFCE of >£5m to the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol.

As part of the award, HEFCE allocated a sum of more than £2m for capital projects which triggered a further investment from the University of Bristol in excess of £16m. This investment resulted in the refurbished Teaching Laboratories in the School of Chemistry which opened in early 2007 and now offer state-of-the-art, professional standard facilities for the teaching and learning of chemistry's core practical elements. An official opening ceremony took place later that year.

The remaining investment of £2.5m was used to provide a greatly enhanced in-lab experience for the students through the development of e-learning software, in association with Learning Science Ltd, which has transformed the student Screen capture fragment from the DLMexperience of practical chemistry at Bristol. Central to our success has been the development of the innovative web-based, online, fully interactive Dynamic Laboratory Manual which contains video and virtual instrumentation and equipment, as well as inbuilt pre- and in-laboratory e-assessment. The A-Level Chemistry LabSkills range of products, which were developed from the ChemLabS DLM, is having a similar impact in schools throughout the UK and abroad.

Here at Bristol we know that chemistry is an exciting, evolving core science, central to the quality of modern life and that its health is dependent on a vibrant scientific education sector able to project and develop the subject. As a result of the Bristol ChemLabS experience, we believe that chemistry education at Bristol is both excellent and dynamic and remains very popular with students at pre-university, access, undergraduate, postgraduate and CPD levels.

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Professor Nick Norman talks about Bristol ChemLabS and the DLM

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Professor Nick Norman and Bristol students talk about Bristol ChemLabS.
A video produced by students from the Bristol MA course in Film and Television Production


This website provides comprehensive details of all Bristol ChemLabS activities together with news items, details of all outreach activities, publications and contact details for all ChemLabS staff.

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