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Photo of Tim HarrisonTim Harrison FRSC is the Bristol ChemLabS Teacher Fellow in the School of Chemistry (2005 - ). He was formerly Science College Director of Rednock School, Dursley, Gloucestershire and now is also the Bristol ChemLabS Director of Outreach and Science Communicator in Residence.

What is a school teacher fellow?

A School Teacher Fellow is a qualified and experienced secondary school teacher who is charged with finding ways in which the many resources of the university can be used to stimulate an active interest in chemistry in school students and pupils of all ages. This includes the organisation of conferences, competitions and workshops, as well as the training of less experienced chemistry teachers and technicians. Important aspects also includes reviewing the Post 18 interface between schools and degree courses and developing software for practical work at all levels of study.

As the Bristol ChemLabS School Teacher Fellow, Tim Harrison is responsible for all Outreach activities, a selection of which are listed below.

General Activities:  

University Experiences for Post 16:

For more information see the Outreach website's secondary schools section.

Teacher and Technician Training:

Working with Primary Schools:

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Awaiting publication at date of page update (March 2016)

S.R. Glover, T.G. Harrison and D.E. Shallcross, Benefits to secondary school chemistry teachers who have brought their students to engagement activities with a university chemistry department for several years; CPD by diffusion?


Other related information

Tim Harrison convenes The College of School Teacher Fellows 

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