*ChemLabS 2005 News


20/12/05 Grätzel Cell Workshop for Teachers
20/12/05 Primary Science Day at St Mary's Primary School, Thornbury
20/12/05 Bristol ChemLabS Schools Project Presentation at National Launch of the Shape the Future Campaign
02/12/05 Closure of Teaching Laboratories
26/11/05 Perfume Chemistry Workshop
16/11/05 Bristol ChemLabS University Teacher Fellow Appointed
16/11/05 Dudley Shallcross wins Teaching Prize
10/10/05 First Group of Postgraduates Undergoes Science and Engineering Ambassador (SEA) Training
05/10/05 Teacher's Workshop to be Held on the Use of Grätzel Cell Kits
01/10/05 Huge Demand for Post 16 Chemistry Conferences in Chemistry Week October 05
01/09/05 ChemLabS first Teacher Fellow Tim Harrison is to be part of the UK's 'Science on Stage' delegation
16/08/05 The National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth Summer School 2005
24/06/05 Dudley Shallcross and Tim Harrison get Awards from Tony Blair - 24/06/05
15/06/05 Tim Harrison to give lecture on using OU Modules with School Sixth Formers
16/06/05 Bristol ChemLabS First Stakeholders Conference
13/05/05 - Architect's walkthrough movies available
03/05/05 - School Teacher Fellow wins RSC School's Education Award for 2005
03/05/05 - Outreach Director wins a RSC Higher Education Teaching Award for 2005
03/05/05 - New School Teacher Fellow - Tim Harrison
21/03/05 - Building work timetable
27/01/05 - Bristol ChemLabS - A £14M Boost for Teaching and Learning in Bristol Chemistry