*ChemLabS Summer 2006 News

Secondary School Students on Bristol-Trinity College Dublin Chemistry Summer School Find that a Brand of Bleach Contains no Active Ingredient - 24/07/06

Summer School students

Y12 students drawn from a range of schools in Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire have been taking part in the inaugural joint Chemistry Summer School run by the Schools of Chemistry at Bristol University and Trinity College Dublin. Whilst in Dublin the students carried out an analysis of hypochlorite concentrations (the active ingredient) in a range of bleaches. Their analyses show quite clearly that one of the brands contains negligible levels of hypochlorite. The course organisers were as surprised as the students at the ultra low levels and will not be buying that brand of bleach in the future!

Click here for a more detailed report in our Outreach section.

Dr Dudley ShallcrossScience Education Award for Dudley Shallcross - 12/07/06

Bristol ChemLabS Outreach Director Dudley Shallcross is the first ever recipient of the SCI Science Education Award. The award, made by the Society of Chemical Industry’s Council and its international governing body is ‘awarded for outstanding contribution to the science educational field so as to bring science alive and encourage young people to continue to study science’.

The award will be conferred on 1st December during the Society’s Awards Event that is to take place at the Science Museum in London.