*ChemLabS Spring 2006 News

Bristol ChemLabS is 1! 01/04/06

The Bristol ChemLabS project has reached its first anniversary. This milestone was celebrated with a drinks party on Friday 24 March, where Nick Norman, Bristol ChemLabS Chief Executive, thanked the staff and students involved in the project for their efforts over the past year.


Dr Norman speaks to the partygoers

Since the official start of the project in April 2005, we have seen a great deal of activity in the School.

Highlights of the year include:

One of the stripped Teaching Laboratories

The coming months promise to be just as eventful. With the teaching lab space stripped out earlier in the year, the refurbishment programme is now well under way. In the last few weeks our contractors, Cowlin Construction, have built scaffolding around West Block ready for the refit of the labs and the recladding of the block. The new ChemLabS teaching laboratories are due to be ready for student use in early 2007.

Further information on the progress of the Bristol ChemLabS project can be found in our newsletter.

Click here for more pictures of the refurbishment to date.

Dr Dudley ShallcrossOutreach director receives M. Ed. - 01/03/06

Dr Dudley Shallcross, the Bristol ChemLabS Outreach Director, completed a M.Ed. qualification from Bristol University and was awarded his degree on February 15th 2006. Dudley's M.Ed. degree specialises in science education at the University-School interface and was carried out in conjunction with the Graduate School of Education at Bristol University.

January Schools Conference - 09/02/06

Our plans to increase the number of Schools Conference events to two per term continue to be well supported. The Biochemistry/Medicinal Chemistry Conference, held on the 25th of January, saw around 240 students and their teachers visit the School of Chemistry. The audience enjoyed a programme of 3 lectures. From the University of Bristol, Dr Katie Chalmers spoke about her research into Alzheimer’s disease and Dr Russell Cox explained how Aspirin works. The final lecture of the day, on the subject of The Chemistry of Sexual Attraction, was given by Dr David Kelly from the University of Cardiff.

One of the Lectures in the Conference