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ChemLabS activities in the media

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Last week Tim Harrison’s National Science and Engineering Week visit to the Crypt School in Gloucestershire was featured on Points West, the South West’s regional BBC television news. In the last few weeks, the Discover LabSkills project has been covered in various online and print media, including the Bristol Evening Post, the BBC News website and the Channel 4 News Science and Technology Website.


Bristol ChemLabS Dissemination Conference is announced – 19/02/09

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Bristol ChemLabS will be holding a day-long Dissemination Conference in the School of Chemistry on 02 April.

The Bristol ChemLabS Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) has come a long way since its beginnings in 2005. The School of Chemistry's Teaching Laboratories were refurbished and are now the best of their type in the UK and amongst the very best teaching laboratories in the world. Through the DLM, e-Learning is used to allow students to take on more challenging experiments, and online pre-laboratory work and changes in assessment practice have led to an enhancement of the real hands-on practical experience, as well as to better understanding and engagement. Bristol ChemLabS also hosts a uniquely extensive and highly successful national and international Outreach programme.

The Dissemination Conference will showcase all of this; full details are in this flyer (827 kb PDF). The conference is free to attend and participants are asked to register online by 26 March or contact Claire-Lise Braun at chem-cetl@bristol.ac.uk or on 0117 331 7680.

ChemLabS Outreach Director wins another award – 11/02/09

photo of Dudley

Dudley Shallcross has been awarded the Royal Meteorological Society's Michael Hunt Award for 2008.

The Michael Hunt Award, which commemorates the achievements of Michael Hunt (1920-1985), who was a TV weatherman, is given biennially for excellence in increasing the understanding of meteorology or its applied disciplines among members of the general public, including particular groups (e.g. school children, visually impaired people, etc), and recognises how effectively Dudley blends his scientific expertise with his undoubted ability to engage with the public.


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ChemLabS Staff win awards – 06/01/09

Dr Tom Podesta and Dr Tim Obey have jointly won both the Faculty of Science Award Recognising Support for Teaching and Learning for 2008/09 and the School of Chemistry Teaching Prize for 2008 for their outstanding contributions to both the development and delivery of the Bristol ChemLabS undergraduate teaching laboratories. Up to two prizes per Faculty are awarded to an individual member of, or team of, administrative staff who demonstrate excellence in supporting the teaching and learning activities of the Department, Faculty or University.

Photo of Tom Podesta Photo of Tim Obey

The School of Chemistry Teaching Prize is awarded annually to reward excellence in undergraduate teaching, and this represents the first such award to be established within the University. The decision is made each year by the School's senior management (Planning Committee) following advice from the Director of Undergraduate Studies, other senior staff and the Staff-Student Liaison Committee.

Dr Colin Western is the 2008 winner of the Faculty of Science e-Learning Award, which recognises his major contributions to Bristol ChemLabS, and the "Marks & Absences" package which underpins the DLM and much more of the School of Chemistry's work. One prize per faculty is awarded to an individual member or group of staff who demonstrate exceptional and/or innovative e-learning practices.

At University level, Dr Linda Sellou won the University's Engagement Award. Linda works closely with Tim Harrison and Dudley Shallcross and she has been responsible for delivering school and other outreach and engagement activities both within the UK and overseas. The Engagement Award rewards exceptional and/or innovative 'engagement' practices (as defined by the University's 'Engaged University' report). Dr David Smith won this award for 2007/08.

photo of Linda Sellou

The Faculty of Science Award Recognising Support for Teaching and Learning and the University's Engagement Award will be given to the winners at the University's Learning and Teaching Exhibition, which will be held on Thursday 08 January 2009.

More information:

Award Recognising Support for Teaching and Learning

e-Learning Award

Engagement Awards

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