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GSK Industrial Placement Training Course - 29-31/08/12

GSKBristol ChemLabS hosted the sixth GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) industrial placement training course in the undergraduate teaching laboratories with 39 undergraduate students from Universities across Europe attending. The course allowed the students to experience a range of laboratory skills in synthesis and purification techniques that they will use in their coming year in industry. The course also acts as a valuable team building experience.

The programme has been developed over 6 years by a team from GSK and Bristol ChemLabS led by Jenny Slaughter. Postgraduate demonstrators working with the students in the laboratory were Simon Carobene, Emily Kynaston, Tom Stennett and Charlotte Smith.

Open University Residential Schools at Bristol ChemLabS - 02/08/12

A total of 27 mature students taking the Open University course SXC288 Practical Science: Chemistry and Analysis spent three days working in the undergraduate teaching laboratories. The students were introduced to the fundamental skills of chemical synthesis and characterisation in Bristol ChemLabS 'exceptionally well equipped' laboratories.

During the first two days in the laboratory the students engaged with a circus of experiment with the final day spent in a day-long experiment that consolidated many of the skills acquired. As with Bristol's own undergraduate chemists the students made use of an adapted Dynamic Laboratory Manual (DLM) and needed to complete pre-laboratory and safety tests online before entering the lab.

These courses are the first of what is hoped to be an annual partnership between the School of Chemistry and the Open University. The course was developed and run by Jenny Slaughter from the School of Chemistry at Bristol and Eleanor Crabb for The Open University.


'A Pollutant's Tale' Reaches 1000th Performance this Autumn - 31/07/12

To celebrate the 1000th performance of the lecture 'A Pollutant's Tale' Tim Harrison and Dudley Shallcrosswill present the lecture demonstration to an audience of invited primary school pupils and others at the University of Bristol's Great Hall in the Wills Memorial Building on 23 November 2012.

'A Pollutant's Tale' was created by Dudley Shallcross and Tim Harrison eight years ago and involves the chemistry of the atmosphere in its simplest performances and includes climate change in the extended versions. It has been seen by an estimated 250 000 people spread over 6 continents. The lecture has often been performed by many of Bristol's postgraduate chemists and by Alison Rivett, ChemLabS primary science consultant. The demonstration lecture is also regularly performed by chemistry students and science demonstrators in South Africa at Rhodes University and at the Sci-Bono Science Centre in Johannesburg. The event is being coordinated by Bristol's Public Engagement office.


Bristol ChemLabS Wins Gold Green Impact Award - 22/06/12

Green Impact is an environmental accreditation scheme run by the University of Bristol's sustainability department. Bristol was the first University to do Green Impact which is now in its 4th year and is undertaken by 46 universities across the country. Green Impact challenges departments, or teams within them, to implement a number of easy practical actions that will help the environment including reducing waste, promoting sustainable travel, and energy saving equipment shutdown plans for vacation periods.

Bristol ChemLabS, comprising a team made up of Steve Croker, Ian Nichols, Hugh James, Belinda Burke, Pauline Radnedge and Matthew Sawyer, and led in this initiative by Lisa Johnsey, signed up for the Green Impact scheme two years and following the bronze award last year the team have now been awarded the gold award.

Lisa was also awarded an individual award of Environmental Hero for her work in supporting sustainability in the University.


Bristol ChemLabS, Learning Science and Cengage Learning Inc. Showcase LabSkills in the USA - 16/04/12

Bristol ChemLabS and Learning Science Ltd, working in partnership with Cengage Learning Inc., attended a one-day meeting in San Diego on March 24 to showcase the new LabSkills software to an audience of academics from across the USA. Further demonstrations took place at the American Chemical Society meeting the following week, where the clear visual design and clever interactions drew strong interest from students and professors alike.

Over the past year, Bristol ChemLabS and Learning Science Ltd have been creating two new versions of the LabSkills software that have been specifically matched to General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry courses taught in Freshman Chemistry classes in the USA. Each version contains pre-lab resources covering common apparatus, instruments, techniques, safety and calculations and will be delivered through Cengage Learning’s OWL, a market leading online homework system for chemistry.

‘LabSkills PreLabs for General Chemistry’ and ‘LabSkills PreLabs for Organic Chemistry’ have been generating a lot of excitement with academics throughout America and are due to be launched in August 2012.


Bristol ChemLabS and Learning Science Ltd to work with the British Council in India - 13/02/12

Bristol ChemLabS and Learning Science are pleased to announce the award of a grant from the British Council in India, as part of their Knowledge Economy Partnership Programme , to work with the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) in Pune on a version of the LabSkills software tailored to support undergraduate practical chemistry in Indian higher education.

As noted in the most recent issue of the Royal Society of Chemistry's RSC News, "The need to develop practical skills to support the growth of chemistry in India is highlighted in the RSC's 2011 report Developing Talent in the Chemical Sciences. The introduction of LabSkills represents an important step in addressing this issue by enabling teachers and students to develop their practical laboratory skills"

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