Teacher's Workshop to be Held on the Use of Grätzel Cell Kits October 05

picture of Grätzel Kit Recently the Universities of Bristol, via Dr Jason Riley, and Loughborough created a scheme to distribute free Grätzel cells (solar cell) kits to schools.

As a follow up, this December Bristol ChemLabS is to host a workshop in their use. Dimple Patel, a Research Associate from the Chemistry Department, University of Loughborough will lead the workshop for teachers/technicians who wish to find out more about these kits and how to make use of them in GCSE and AS/A-Level science lessons. These kits offer a chance to put together a practical session for students using state of the art green technology. Bristol ChemLabS is to purchase sufficient equipment to be able to put on whole class workshops here and in schools.

The workshop will be held at the School of chemistry on 14th December from 2 til 4:30 pm and will be run by Dimple Patel (Loughborough). Apply through chem-net@bristol.ac.uk.


We unfortunately no longer have funding to distribute free Grätzel cell kits, however they can be purchased from Mansolar.