Grätzel Cell Workshop for Teachers - 20/12/05

A workshop for teachers was held at the School of Chemistry on 14th December 2005 to promote the teaching of green chemistry through the use of Grätzel cell kits. A Grätzel cell is a solar cell that uses naturally occurring plant pigments, such as those found in blackcurrants, and converts sunlight into electricity.

The kits allow students to make their own solar cells and use them to power small electronic devices. Over 30 of the kits had previously been made available to schools in the region free of charge through a joint scheme between Bristol (via Dr Jason Riley) and Loughborough Universities.

Dimple Patel, a chemistry research assistant from Loughborough ran the workshop with a group of 20 teachers. Grätzel cells are very useful in teaching students about aspects of biology, physics and material sciences as well as green chemistry.

Photo from Grätzel Workshop for Teachers


We unfortunately no longer have funding to distribute free Grätzel cell kits, however they can be purchased from Mansolar.